Tuesday, April 1, 2008

odds & ends

hey guys,

I have some answers for our questions about money that we had last class:

The Advancement Office is less concerned with how we approach people and more concerned with who we approach. That leaves most fundraising options open to us--however; Doug did say that if someone is already identified as giving a gift to the capital campaign then we would not be allowed to solicit them for our project.

That being said, if we wanted to start looking for an individual donor, etc. they could help us with that, too--they have databases of alumn and special programs that search for grants.

As for where all of the scholarship money/work study money comes from, this is what I was told:

"Work study monies can be federal funds or operational funds of the college. Scholarships are primarily from donors to the college. It is a priority for the college to fund raise for scholarships since the need is so great for our students. You can learn more at www.attaingthesummit.com"

If we decide the position is going to be paid (and not an internship), all we have to do is give Advancement the word and we can begin working with them to figure something out.

See you all tomorrow,

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