Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MJ suggests...

Hey everyone,

I just met briefly w. MJ to discuss further the matter of a curator. During class a few of the students were unsure of the duties one assumes as a curator. So I thought I could clarify that. However, MJ referred me/fine arts group to speak w. Candace Smith Corby [who should be back next week from maternity leave] and Professor Calo [who will be teaching a course next semester that deals w. curating].

MJ also urged us to visit the Clark Gallery which is down the street from the De Cordova museum which we are planning on visiting. She has several contacts there so we could even have people assisting us if we wanted to look for specific themes....

She also showed me some of Howard Ben Tre's work. He is an Isreali artist who works with glass. His work is very beautiful so if you guys get a chance try to google him.

Also the website has an article about the difficulty of public art. It is specifically about an artist who installed a sculpture in front of a New York city building which turned out to be an inconvenience for people who worked there.



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