Monday, March 31, 2008

Words of Encouragement

Hi Guys!

I wrote an email to Marysara Naczi, a student who is very involved in the Fine Arts Department. She recently collected artwork for a student show she is exhibiting in April. I wanted to know what her response was for student submissions and this was her reply:

That sounds like a great idea! The show Katelyn and I are working on has actually not gone up yet, so you can catch it in April. We had a great response for this show, and the Martin Institute recently held a contest for war themed art and I hear they had a lot of submissions as well. I have, however, worked on other projects that attempted to involve the Stonehill community which were not as succesful. The students tend to be rather apathetic so you have to keep that in mind and work really hard for their involvement. For this exhibit, we sent out emails from our student accounts as well as having the secretary at Cushing Martin send out a more professional one that would get attention from different types of students. We also hung up flyers with tabs so that people could actually have a tangible reminder. And we made it clear that our show was not looking for artsy smartsy art, but things from all classes and majors. As long as you have interesting themes and really publicize it, I am sure you will get plenty of submissions! Our own show is going to only be up for 2 1/2 weeks, which is really not enough time. Ideally would be at least 4 weeks. It is a lot of work and if you don't get a lot of submissions for the first show or you don't have a lot of time to coordinate it, I would suggest spacing them out more and doint only 2 a semester.

Hope this helped!


Also, I am involved with the Martin Institute's war themed exhibit that Marysara made reference to. The email I received from Peter Ubertaccio was sent out to 26 other students, so it seems that there is a decent amount of student participation. In class we had mentioned also purchasing work over time, but these numbers give me hope that our gallery will have a good amount of Stonehill artists involved.

See you Wednesday!

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keep me where the light is said...

...I just spoke w. MJ and she suggested that the class go see the war exhibit.

I know a handful of you met w. MJ but I spoke w. her again...

she thinks the student art is a great idea but she suggested it be in combination w. professional artwork. idk what everyones take on that would be