Monday, April 28, 2008

Roger Goode Wrote Back!!!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let people know that Roger Goode wrote back and here is what he said:
Hello Meliza, thank you for your e-mail and for your interest. I have just recently selected the landscape designer for the project and have already had a few meetings with them. This will be an interesting area because it is the firstbuilding that people will see and we have a lot of restrictions due to the required walkways, roadways and parking. And of course, we have to work within existing budgets and timing. If you can provide me with some details of what you may like to see, I'll see what may be able to be incorporated. For example, can you tell me something about the "garden" thoughts, i.e. vegetable, flower,or other?
Thank you and good luck on your finals.
Roger Goode

So guys let me know what you would like me to write him. I know that working with the vegitation around the Science Center will really be amazing and something we can actually do with out worrying to much about the money. Let me know what you all think.
-Meliza P

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Jess said...

Great to hear you've been able to get in touch!
I know when we were working with Patrick that a flowering garden with seating areas was the primary interest. Patrick also referenced a saint, whose name is escaping me now, that might be good for inclusion in the grounds.

Here is some of the information/considerations/websites that were introduced during a way back meeting. Perhaps they will be of use in the planning:

And on the current project, some things to consider re outdoors:

Area will get ample sun, but will be shaded mid afternoon too. Do we want fountain/ statues included? Where would we put them? Footpaths/ patio/ benches?

Will be about a 40-50 FT corridor between the science center and Martin. Possibility of planting in there?

Flowering Trees:
See this website for name and image:

See this website for name and image:

Combo of the two:,1784,HGTV_3646,00.html

Stuff to consider:

Perks of Plantings:

Easy care perennials:

Places to buy: