Saturday, March 29, 2008

I just finished reading Chet Raymo's article on miracles, and it got me thinking. Specifically, one passage really stuck.

"Accepting the physical resurrection of the historical Jesus means setting aside one's rational faculties and making a leap of faith. That so many people are willing to do so says more about where we have been as a species than where we are going."

I underestimated how we as rational beings give way to irrationality for what we believe in. I feel like I've never looked at the situation that way, especially how in this sense we tend to dwell on the past. and I find it ironic that we live in a nation that seems is so focused on the future and somehow we can't let go of the past....


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noahcurtis said...

I agree with what you said. I think that the willingness to let go of rationality is an inherent characteristic of faith. If somebody lived their life by the laws of science there would be a significant lack of faith in their life. Everybody has a superstition or idea they believe in that has no proof to back it up. I think that sometimes it is comforting to be able to let go of our rational selves and put some faith in something that we cannot see but maybe something we can feel in our soul.