Monday, March 17, 2008

Staple Stabilizer

Dear Everyone,

Had a chat with Professor Piggford this afternoon, and he suggested something that I thought was worth pursuing: a constant piece of artwork. While I think we are all agreed on having a rotating gallery collection, it might be nice to put one piece somewhere in the building that would remain constant. Kind of like our signature send off to future generations. Thoughts?

Hope the short holiday's a good one!



JL said...

I have been thinking along the same lines. Do we want to do something permanent in addition to the idea we are running with. What do the rest of you think?

Dana said...

I can't really articulate what I'm thinking but I agree--something permanent could serve as a way of signifying the start of this new program. Almost like an emblem but not really..something that represents our overall theme well and that people can associate with this project and the student gallery.