Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update from the Religious Studies Department

Hey Guys!

I got a chance to talk to Professor Beisham of the RS Department today and he was ecstatic for our idea! He told me about a resource (possibly a journal) that deals with the relationship between science and religion. He's going to get the exact information for me (hopefully for tomorrow, but most likely for thursday).

Professor B. also gave us this food for thought. He suggested the themes for the art try and coincide with the Martin Institute's theme. He says it might be possible to get funding from the MI if we become "theme partners" with them. Professor B. suggested that if we involve Peter Ubartaccio (sp?) in the project because he might be able to give us funding for the project. The theme will be Globalization by the time the science center is ready. I'm not sure exactly how this could tie in, but it's worth investigating. See you all tomorrow!

Tim :)

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