Monday, March 24, 2008

Update From Fine Arts

Hey Guys!

Solange, Pat and I met with MJ, the Fine Arts Department Chair, right before we left for Easter break. To my surprise, she actually had a lot of concern regarding our project. She really thinks that someone should be getting paid because in her opinion that is a surefire why to make sure things get done. She thought the endowed scholarship was a great way to go. She also suggested that in addition to student/faculty/alumni work, we create a budget to work on purchasing a new piece of work each year; that way we start to acquire a permanent collection. This would be particularly beneficial if there were lulls in the submission process.
MJ seemed very concerned about faculty members taking on additional work without additional pay. We asked if she thought it would be too much extra work if the professor already in charge of internships took on the role of faculty advisor for this project. She thought that was a decent idea but to talk to Professor Candace Walters who is the current advisor about it. She also encouraged us to speak with Professor Carole Calo who teaches the Exhibitions and Collections class, Marysara Naczi (a current student who is putting on a show of student art) to see what kind of response she got, and Professor Ubertaccio who is also putting together an exhibit. MJ also suggested we talk to Candance Smith-Corby(the current gallery curator in Cushing Martin) and Stacey Gerver in SGA. Our group is currently in the process of setting up these meetings and has a lot of work to do. We will let you all know as soon as we have more information, but this should not set us back too far in our plans.
See you all Wednesday!

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JL said...

Good job, Melissa. I think, as Sarah's later post makes clear, we need to keep on thinking this stuff through.