Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Are Making a Name for Yourselves

Yesterday as I was leaving the Academic Vice President's office, Katie Conboy come up to me quite excited about our class. Seems she had been talking to Doug Smith in development and he was singing your praises, having just met with Dana and her crew on fund-raising.

I am hearing quite a bit of this sort of thing from all corners of the college community. This bodes very well for our project!

On another note: I have now met with each of you individually, and I have to say I enjoyed the encounters a lot more than I thought I would. We seem to have a consensus that for our last few meetings (note: no formal class on April 9, since I will be at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research with three seniors who will be giving papers there) we will return to the earlier format of the course in which we read a text (not a whole book!) and you do talking points before discussion. Don't forget: I need to have some help in formulating the topics, so please get me your suggestions before Monday.

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