Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aw or awful?

I agree with Mike’s comments about the ‘Controversial Art?’. While it would be interesting to figure out a way to juxtapose both religion and science, it may cause an somewhat awkward subliminal message. That said, I thought of something during our last class that does combine the two in a way that may elude such a strain. If we did an art sequence, presumably paintings/drawings, that showed the full growth cycle of a plant that has yielded medical miracles (such as a willow, from which aspirin’s beneficial component was gleaned) and then at the end had a scientist holding aspirin or a clear representative of it, we could have one Jesus’ miracles next the scientist or if possible across, generating a sort of mirror image for religion and science. This would work well going up a staircase or down a hall.

I realize that the idea is in a rather crude form, so I would welcome comments and suggestions.

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noahcurtis said...

That is a really cool idea. I was thinking about something along the same lines as in using a scientific miracle to show a spiritual miracle. I feel as though we need to show Jesus or some sort of Catholic influence in it somehow though.