Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ingrid Sundberg

Hey guys,

I found this today and thought it was kind of cool:

Ingrid Sundberg is a graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and her work is centered upon "an exploration of the visual and intellectual connections between nature, science, spirituality, religion, and philosophy."

Her stuff is pretty cool and she's local. The article I found is here:

and her own portfolio/website can be found here: http://www.sundbergstudio.com/

Check it out :)


Dana said...

I lied--she's not local anymore but she used to be.

Jess said...

From her work, it seems like that she may be able to help us once we have a project. Nice find.

Andrew W. said...

Wow, that is some amazing art and I feel like some of her pieces might fit perfectly with the Science Center. The watercolor entitled "Sacred Geometry" stood out to me (the preview looks like the face of a clock). There's nothing to it overtly Christian or religious, yet it seems to evoke (for me, anyway) an aura of spirituality to it. And, of course, the various geometric shapes and drawings surrounding it infuse mathematics/science with spirituality.

noahcurtis said...

I agree. This looks really interesting and I'm sure there are similar artists that are local that probably would be willing to help us. I like how she uses math as an attempt to explain the sacred.

Andrew W. said...

I took the liberty of adding the watercolor I was talking about to the main post.