Thursday, February 7, 2008

Simply... sacred.

I just stumbled upon a blog with an entry that read the following:

"Within the emerging church over the past decade there has been a return to the use of icons, images, and rituals to help point people to God... Could it be, we actually worship the creator of heaven and earth who is already all-present, if we would only stop to notice?

Maybe the only difference between the sacred and the secular is that the secular doesn’t know it’s sacred yet."

While this doesn't bring anything new to the table, it just reminded me of what we talked about in class-- our generation's general inability to STOP and perceive. Employing simplicity really is our best bet here. Not only would it be financially wiser, but it would convey the message that sacred does not necessarily imply complexity, or some radical otherness; it might be something ordinary that we have simply never noticed before.

--Emily :)

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