Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stop dead?

Does anyone remember the SEA exhibit outside of the Hill last year where they pulled ridiculous trash (like VCRs, traffic cones, chairs?) out of O'Hara pond and piled it all on the table?

That's one of the times I really stopped and paid attention to something. All of my roommates remember it too and they said they stopped, too.

While that worked largely because of shock value, it's interesting to think about what types of things will make students stop and actually remember the exhibit and its message. I just wanted to see if you guys remembered it too. That's all


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Jess said...

I do not, but that's because I was not here. However, that kind of art is stopping; I was at Tufts this past week and a piece like the one you described just made me gwak for a good five seconds. It was a huge human brain, about 3 feet in each dimension, made of paper cups. I was actually about to post about it and then saw your's. It would be interesting to come up with a piece that really 'pops' the mind.