Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thoughts on a Whim

Hello all. In the spirit of last weeks class, I spent some time brainstorming via the web writing. We seemed to be more comfortable with a spirituality piece, so here are some things I thought of that might help others spark ideas.


Lightness to the atmosphere of the thing or place or mental state in both color and weight; also feeling this within my own being.

Something that makes me smile, if not physically, then at least mentally.

Gives off a sense of complete well being.

All seems right with the world both within yourself and in the physical world.

Buddhism and Hinduism spring to mind.

The joy of someone peeking out from behind a tree to find someone else peeking out from behind a tree as well.

That which one doesn’t have the privilege to see or feel much of. (Popping out from the top of tropical rainforest's canopy, etc.)

And these attributes: personal thing with a personal expression, exploratory, the uplifting experience, moving, accessible to people of different religious beliefs, tying in with nature.

Arresting moments

Views of nature that are overwhelming (the cosmos on a clear night, being in the Alps, etc.)

Words that articulated really well.

The beauty that is love from compassion.

Children being themselves. They’re honest, inquisitive and ready to take on the world.

Water and what it can do. (thinking along the lines of the Colorado river owning the land that once existed in the wake of what is now the Grand Canyon)

Things that make me question myself, both as a physical and mental being.


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