Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Clergy Letter Project

So as all of you know this week is Darwin Fest, and aside from tomorrow night's lecture by Sister Chris, Anthro Society is also hosting three other speakers throughout the week. Tonight we had Rev. Ted Newcomb of the Orthodox Congregational Church of Mansfield come to talk about the relationship between religion and science and he presented a progressive Christian view on the evolutionary debate. Rev. Newcomb is a member of the Clergy Letter Project, a group of clergy members all over the country (11,000 clergy members!!) who support the notion that religion and science can coexist.

Clergy Letter Project

This link is the written letter that outlines the project's ideals. Maybe it's something we could quote somewhere on a wall in the Science Center...

In Rev. Newcomb's talk he spoke a lot about humility and how professionals of all different fields should practice humility when learning and listening about other fields. Mike mentioned this in his response to the "Controversial Art," the idea of humility so that could be something we try to incorporate into our artwork. Passion for life was another theme Rev. Newcomb mentioned and that's something that is applicable to religion and science, and doing work that helps another (despite beliefs). Maybe our artwork can embody certain themes that aren't necessarily religious or scientific, but instead, global values that can be applied to both?

-Aubrey :)

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tgannon said...

Maybe we could get in touch with other clergy who are part of the project and see what they come up with