Monday, February 25, 2008

Evolution Wars and God Gives the Finger

Ok, so not the finger. I'm referring to the famous Sistine Chapel mural of God and Adam. I was perusing Google (what else) and I came across a few seperate images that tie science into the classic image, but there is one image that was funny, yet intriguing.

Although I wouldn't recommend using this image, as you can tell the cover is from Time Magazine and I found the article online for you to read.,9171,1090909,00.html

Kinda tacky images, but fun.

Tim :)

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Andrew W. said...

Interesting pictures. They're not too tacky and they are some fun. I think they have the right spirit that we're looking for in the sense that they combine religion/spirituality and science, the one topic our theme group has agreed upon as an overarching theme. But I can see your hesitation in using these as actual artwork. When we present our thoughts to the class today about the theme (or just read Kendra's post above), that should clear things up...or just make them murkier, whichever.