Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Our group met yesterday to talk about what the theme should be for this project. We decided to propose “the connection between science and religion” as our general theme, with a specific suggestion as to what we do with it. We were thinking that we could split the class up into several smaller groups, and assign each group to a space in the Science Center. Each group would be responsible for finding art for its own space. They could come up with their own sub-theme to concentrate on under our general, overarching theme. This way we could incorporate the New Story, the miracles of Jesus vs. Science, and/or several of the other ideas we have come up with in class, creating diversity without detracting from the main idea. We were also thinking about picking an image, the globe perhaps, and requiring whatever is done in each area to incorporate that image somehow. In this way, we carry our theme of connectedness further and offer another way to unify each section into a somewhat cohesive whole.

We also had a few other ideas that didn't directly have to do with the theme. We talked about getting students to do the art, maybe making it a contest. Paying for a prize would be cheaper than commissioning an art work, and it would make the art distinctly "Stonehill." Going along with this, there was a suggestion to make an area a student exhibit space so that we could rotate student artwork. We also thought about utilizing a projector, which would incorporate light (lux et spes) and which could be more interactive (a projector could change images, or use images that move). Lastly, I think it was Solange who mentioned artwork that can be made with retina scans, so that it looks like a picture of the universe. We could do something like that, and then maybe put a picture of space up next to it.

Okay, I think that's all :)


Dana said...

Exactly what Kendra said--my roommate Danielle wanted me to bring up the possibility of having some sort of space to rotate student artwork. I'm not sure how exactly that would work but that seems to go along with the theme committee's idea about placing different works of art throughout the science center.

I'm not an art person but I can ask Danielle--would it be possible to put out a call to the art majors at Stonehill, sit with them and talk about the project, and see what they could come up with? First of all its way more inexpensive, their art gets to be displayed, and what's cooler than the artwork in the center being done by Stonehill students? I definitely think that's something we should talk about, especially if some of the art people are interested!

Dana said...

and let's forget that I actually just wrote "way more inexpensive"

k thanks :)

em said...

I'm a little confused-- you're suggesting that we have more than one theme, but carry one image throughout the building to support each theme? I'm a little slow, sorry! ;)

Regardless of my confusion, I think the image of the globe is awesome-- okay, not just awesome, but legitimately "awe"-some. Ever since hearing Sister Chris speak, I see that image in a whole new light. I also love the "calling all art majors" idea, because the more students we get involved, the more administration is likely to be supportive. We don't even have to have a definite idea of how Catholicism will play into this-- I'd actually be interested in seeing what a group of art majors thinks about this without us giving them too many ideas or information. The more input the better.

Hooray for progress! :)

aubrey said...

As for sub-themes, if that's confusing to people, I think we decided to say that overall our theme is the connection between religion and science so therefore our sub-themes go off of that, each one deals with a different parallel between religion and science. Then students will see a clear connection (but different ones throughout the building) that really pushes the idea that religion and science can coexist. I hope that makes sense!

Sarah Gunnery said...

I like the idea of giving groups different areas because I know that many people have different ideas about what they would like to see. My only problem with this idea is as a member of the fundraising committee this could get pricey!! We may need to plan as we go depending on how much money we are able to raise.