Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

At a Lunar Eclipse
Thy shadow, Earth, from Pole to Central Sea,
Now steals along upon the Moon's meek shine
In even monochrome and curving line
Of imperturbable serenity.
--Thomas Hardy

Maybe instead of developing a theme or focused "mission" statement, we could find an appropriate poem to express the type of art we're looking for.


Mike R said...

Great poem, Ryan. Plus, you jogged my memory about a poem that I think is very relevant to the class.

"The Thought"
by William Brighty Rands

Into the skies, one summer's day,
I sent a little Thought away;
Up to where, in the blue round,
The sun sat shining without sound.

Then my Thought came back to me.—
Little Thought, what did you see
In the regions whence you come?
And when I spoke, my Thought was dumb.

But she breathed of what was there,
In the pure bright upper air;
And, because my Thought so shone,
I knew she had been shone upon.

Next, by night a Thought I sent
Up into the firmament;
When the eager stars were out,
And the still moon shone about.

And my Thought went past the moon
In between the stars, but soon
Held her breath and durst not stir,
For the fear that covered her;
Then she thought, in this demur:

'Dare I look beneath the shade,
Into where the worlds are made;
Where the suns and stars are wrought?
Shall I meet another Thought?

'Will that other Thought have wings?
Shall I meet strange, heavenly things?
Thought of Thoughts, and Light of Lights,
Breath of Breaths, and Night of Nights?'

Then my Thought began to hark
In the illuminated dark,
Till the silence, over, under,
Made her heart beat more than thunder.

And my Thought, came trembling back,
But with something on her track,
And with something at her side;
Nor till she has lived and died,
Lived and died, and lived again,
Will that awful thing seem plain.

Andrew W. said...

I think selecting a poem as a supplement to our proposal for a theme is an excellent idea, and I'm sure my group will take it into consideration. It would be a great preface to any sort of compilation we might make of information about our project.

However, I still think we need to develop our own mission statement for the project, if only to display our ability to express our wishes in our own words. Perhaps as we're submitting the commission to artists we might provide a poem or two as inspiration, but I think it's important that we can articulate our wishes using our own wording.

Kendra Elizabeth said...

I agree with Andrew. A poem would be a really great thing to give an artist as a kind of inspiration aid, but we also need to have our own theme (fairly) clearly articulated. In addition to what Andrew said, I think writing a theme or mission statement in plain English will also help when we start talking to other people about the project. It might be easier for them to understand and get their heads around than a poem.