Monday, February 11, 2008

The New Story

After reading the materials about the New Story I decided to do a little extra investigation about it on the internet. I found a great website that has ten videos that are each roughly 5-8 minutes in length (I'm guessing). They're narrated (at least the five specifically about the New Story) by Brian Swimme himself. Very fascinating, but for the focus of our project I'll just direct your attention to the various designs and artwork displayed throughout the videos. Just watch the first one; it's only a few minutes and loads without a wait time. If we're thinking of blending science and spirituality, the New Story isn't a very bad example of a resource in my opinion.

The New Story


em said...

Ooh Andy, good find! Watching that helped me to understand the readings a little more..

..although I didn't really picture Brian Swimme to look like that.

Anyways, good find :)

JL said...

I want to second what em said. This is a really good intro to the New Story and to Sr. Chris's presentation this week. Thanks, Andrei!